Friday, August 17, 2007

Retail Therapy....

Yep. That's right. I bought a new washing machine. (actually, I interest-freed it, which isn't really the same thing, but whatthehell...)

It's an LG washer/dryer combo, which to me sounds rather terrifying, but they insist it works, so I'll have to trust the whitegoods gods on that.

After endless trips to the laundromat, and/or trying to tempt the old washing machine to take on more than a pair of socks without throwing a tantrum, I finally reneged, and just went and got a new one.

And, as I am defiantly still clinging onto my Twenties, I refuse to get too excited over the prospect of Properly Clean Clothes, steam and refresh cycles, and fluffy towels. Surely it is the absolute right of the 28 year old woman to bite her thumb at whitegoods and buy a handbag or some shoes or an ipod instead.

Alas, I have been saying for a long time that I am an eighty-something year old woman trapped in a twenty-something's body.

The truth always comes out in the wash, or so they say.

In other news, my Best Friend In The Whole World gets married on Saturday, and I'm not going to be there, so Katie, my love, have a fabulous day.

It's been raining, so no quilt tutorial yet.....but soon...!


s said...

We got an LG set a year or so ago, and we got so freaking excited that my husband actually waxed them. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.:-)

Stefani said...

oops, pushed the buttons too fast. "S" was me, Stefani.

Gigibird said...

The first washing machine I owned was wonderful because I didn't have to go to the launderette anymore. I sat and watched the whole cycle!
Fluffy towels are nice but I prefer mine all rough but my husband likes them fluffy.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

I would probably choose clean clothes over an ipod too and I am in my mid twenties. bring on the early gran persona.