Saturday, June 9, 2007

On the Perils of Winter....

So, it's Winter. Here, it's getting colder and colder by the day, and my coping mechanisms have started to fail. First of all, you need to know that I am one of those Skinny Bitches. I weigh less that 50kg, I've always been thin, with no bosom or hips to speak of, and I seem to straddle that strange line between underweight and TOO skinny. My family is full of wiry, thin little grandmas so I suppose it's genetic. Anyway, the problem with having practically no body fat is that Winter becomes a Serious Fucking Issue.

I am cold. All The Time. And no amount of long-john wearing, knitted scarving, granny blanketed sitting in front of the fire will cure me. I get so cold sometimes that I want to cry. Seriously. Apart from drinking thousands of cups of tea a day, my next plan of attack is this:

WIP - hand warmers

I got a package from Superbuzzy yesterday, in more detail below, and I've already got the wool on the needles, for some hand warmers. No pattern, as usual, and I know I should knit them in the round, but I can't find the bloody double pointy ended needle thingies, so squares will have to do. And really, squares are what I knit best!
I know you can't really see much knitting in the pic, but once my hands thaw out enough to manage the needles, I'll rip into it and post more photos soon.

Anyhoo, on the the postman.

I love Superbuzzy, I really do. They are one of the main shops that recieve most of my PayPal balance. I am rather distressed at the sudden doubling in International postage rates, though, so I'll have to shop in larger lots now to justify the cost, which really just means more fabric! Woo Hoo!

So the latest package is this:

Superbuzzy Stash la la.....

I fell IN LOVE with this Graphic Flowers print, which was the impetus for the order....

New Fabric from Superbuzzy

Supplemented by this Hard Boiled Egg print in red....mmmmmmm...

New Fabric from Superbuzzy

And just to top it off, some Make Make yarn in Charcoal, which is gorgeous and soft, I think 80% wool and 20% mohair, lightly variegated, lovely! Though I thought it was coming in 50g balls, and they arrived as 25g (tiny little things!) but I still love it.....hence the hand warmers!

Superbuzzy stash

But from now on I'll have to order a bit more than this to justify the $25 it costs me for postage.....what happened to flat rate envelopes?

This brings me to something I want to ask advice about.

Whenever I sell something on Ebay, and I get paid via PayPal, rather than bank deposit, I use the money to fund my internet purchases. Right now, this is usually Ebay and Etsy purchases, as well as Superbuzzy. But I'd love to know if anyone has any other favourite online shops that post internationally, that accept PayPal? Anything really, from clothes to accessories to vintage to fabric, whatever. I am in the VERY unusual position of having a bit of a balance to spend, and nothing to spend it on! Ha!

Well, that's it for me, it's Saturday after all, and the newspaper crossword is calling my name.....

I'll leave you with one more picture, for the gorgeous Shula, and my friends over at Breakfast Sunday, as proof that I dont always eat eggs for breakfast!

Breakfast Sunday

Have a great weekend!


capello said...

omg, your toasty-cheesey thing looks so good.

and meh, i'm not skinny and i still get cold. and i just keep turning up the damn thermostat. and my husband HATES it.

rhiannon said...

I agree- there's not even a hint of skinny around these parts and I still feel the cold. It just means I get hotter than most people in Summer too : (. Damn those 'perfect weight' people. Whoever they are.
Your things from superbuzzy are gorgeous, I don't buy things online because the postage thing frustrates me too much, I guess I miss out quite a bit. I just withdraw my paypal money into my bank account. I have such a huge list of 'things I'll buy online when I win lotto' though. Perhaps I should just get over the postage thing and start buy-buy-buying!
(I would share links, but I doubt you're very interested in the weirdo things I like. hah).

shula said...

You gotta knit, Skinny Girl.

Especially for your hands and feet.

I know it's expensive, but I can't recommend cashmere highly enough for people who get Really Cold. It picks up where wool leaves off.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

when I first moved to NZ I was constantly cold. It didn't help that I moved in the middle of our summer to the middle of an especially freezing cold winter. I remember seeing my breath while INSIDE our flat and thinking "what is wrong with this ENTIRE country?!?!!? why do they not have central heating". I found that a few things helped. excessive complaining and spontaneous jumping jacks(star jumps?).

I never buy anything online but the fabric you and melissa (tiny happy) find on the WORLD WODE WEB is inspiring so I may have to start.

off to check out the link!

and I am super glad that we are new blog friends

kirsten said...

i do love the name of your blog! all things that appeal to me, too. and i really want to eat that toasty. :)

bkhdesign said...

like the graphic flower print


Di said...

It's supposed to be summer about here but it's 13 degrees and raining today! I used to be a skinny minny too but turning 30 seemed to put paid to that - and whilst I am still what you would call slim I am not a rake any more!! I think the handwarmers are a good idea - but also remember that you lose lots of your bodyheat through the top of your head!! Perhaps a hat is in your future!

I love the black and white fabric!!

leslie said...

if you love magazines (and who doesn't, really?), accepts paypal as payment for subsrciptions. it's strangely addictive, this paypal balance, isn't it?