Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Heart Saturdays.

Saturday is a day of ritual for me....the trip to the newsagent to get the Weekend papers, taking time over breakfast, pottering around for the day until I go to work in the evening.....Today was no exception, except for one thing.....

Book Sale Haul

Twice a year at the pub where I work, we have a secondhand book sale. The father of one of the women I work for spends 6 months trawling garage sales and op shops and stashes all the books away for the sale, selling them on for usually just a dollar or so each.

The haul this time?

*Jean Paul Satre - Words
*Richard Dawkins - The Blind Watchmaker
*Alice Walker - The Color Purple
* Victor Bocris - Warhol (biography)
*Jane Austen- Persuasion
*The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl
*Edgar Allan Poe's Collected Works
*Zadie Smith-The Autograph Man
*The British Commonwealth and Empire (for my English partner!)
*The Beatles - In Thier Own Words

So we can safely say that I am set for reading for a little while.....

After the sale, back into the Saturday routine, the weekend paper, a pot of tea, and some homemade (not by me though, I'm afraid) fig and walnut jam on toast....

Earl Grey Tea, Newspaper, and Fig+Walnut Jam on Toast

You can see more photos of bloggers' breakfasts over at Breakfast Sunday.....

In other news, I thought I'd post some better photos of my Two skein scarf's looking a little careworn, mainly because I've hardly taken it off since I made it, but so far I've taken three orders for new ones, so I might make a few more if anyone would be interested in buying one? (probably Aussie readers, considering it's just coming up to warm weather again in the States)

Two Skein Scarf Thingy

Basically, it's two layers of thick knit in stocking stitch, sewn together and set off by two vintage buttons. It's worn like a cowl, and it's two layers keeps your neck nice and toasty, but is quickly removable for once you get inside in front of the fire......

Two Skein Scarf Thingy

It's the kind of thing that would be a peice of cake for a knitter to whip up, but if wooly stuff isn't your forte, drop us a line and I'll whip one up for you!

One more thing before I may remember ages ago I posted about my Renovation Project..... well, here are some work in progress pictures....

It's had a coat of white semi gloss, and is looking much cleaner....

Renovation Project (WIP)

And the door now has glass you can actually see through......

Renovation Project (WIP)

Now I just have to sand it AGAIN and do ANOTHER coat of paint, and it might just be ready to put in the hallway.....uuurrrrgghhhhhh......

Well, enough for today, I've got a newspaper to read!

Oh, and if anyone is wondering if I'm actually going to sew anything any time soon....Betty (my lovely sewing machine) is doing some drastically weird things right now, so I've decided to take her to hospital before I put her through any more torture. Granted, as old as she is, I'm sure she deserves some love and after Hans has worked his magic on her, I'll be back in full force....promise...!


shula said...

Love it all.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

looks like you got a good haul at the books sale. I am a fan of zadie smith.

I love the side counter/bench thing you are sprucing up.... is it going in the kitchen?


Suse said...

Pretty green.

(You're probably too young to remember "you know you're soaking in it?", complete with nasal whine).

Malka Dubrawsky said...

I really dig that scarf thingy. Great color and the vintage buttons are a terrific touch.