Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Little Bit of Finished.....

Ok, so here goes:
I started this blog without really understanding where it would go. I'm a bit crafty, a bit fashion-y, a bit of this and a bit of that, and all I really knew was that I wanted to make stuff, and share that stuff with other people.
Problem is, at the moment I am at a bit of a crossroads with my making, and I'm not really sure where exactly I'm going, and what exactly I want to make.
Today, I decided that I don't really care, that I'll make whatever the hell I want, and if that's a stuffed toy today, and a tea cozy tomorrow, that's totally fine by me.
So, without further ado, I present to you, oh dear patient friends, Something What I Made.

Nong #1

It's called a Nong, and I've already made quite a few of them, but only really for friends and family before. This is the first of a lot that I want to make to sell.

Nong #1

First: a word on how I make things..... I am a haphazard woman, I rarely use patterns, and I like to make things up as I go. This way, no two Nongs will ever be the same. As there isn't a pattern, each one is created of it's own accord, step by step, until it's done. This particular one is made from a thick, nubbly woolly-tweedy fabric, some wool felt, bits of stitching, cotton legs, pouch and antennae, recycled and new materials, and lots of love. It's stuffed with poly filling.All told, he measures 57cm from top to bottom.

Nong #1

My toys are lo-fi, are meant to be a bit wonky, and are made with passion rather than breathtaking skill in mind. I'm not sure exactly if they are the kind of thing that people would want to buy, but I'm going to give it a crack anyway.

Nong #1

Feedback and advice would be absolutely appreciated, brutal honesty welcomed, and ego-popping embraced. Please let me know what you think.
If all goes well, and you don't all tell me what a hideous creation I am responsible for, I think I'll try to make at least one Nong a week, and once I have five or six, I'll start putting them up in the shop, along with some other bits and pieces I make along the way.

Phew! So there it is my friends, a first on this blog - A Little Bit of Finished. xxxx

And just as an aside, a few people commented on the neatness of the new studio, and how they wished they could be neat in thier homes and work spaces too. I just wanted to say, that the only reason my studio is neat right now is because it's new. Give me a week in there and there'll be fabric everywhere, bits of cotton flying, scissors and stuffing strewn over the floor.....

I actually think that studios that look like they have been pulled from the pages of a magazine are a bit weird.....some people are naturally neat ( I am NOT one of them), but creating is a messy business, and I love a good space that shows exactly what it's This One.A creative, colourful, organised but still a little crazy. Perfect. Even though a nicely folded fabric stash is a lot of fun, it's more important that you actually MAKE something out of it, isn't it?

Anyway, that's all for today.....please tell me what you think......xx


capello said...

i. love. your. nong.


cat said...

he's so cute!

fiona said...

a girrly after my own heart,,inperfection is my middle name,...and yes that is a word!your nong is brillant, keep it up, nice to meet you!!

little part said...

So cute...I could just see my little guy walking around holding him by the it!

little part said...

Oh, by the's me, jen!

Rhiannon said...

I love your nong too. (although I'm sure I've heard that used as a slang name for something else before. hehehe. Between him and ballbags we're all a bit rude.)
I love the fabric of his pocket, and the fact he has a pocket! (Aesop loves his kangaroo cause it can carry things..). I think its perfctly unperfect. Make sure you let us know when they're for sale Aesop might just need one for his collection! x

paper. string. cloth said...

Trust me to make a stuffed toy with a penis for a name.....! Ha!
I actually got the name from a word my Mum used to use when we were kids... if we were being particularly daft or silly, she would say, "You silly Nong...." or some such thing.....
Translation is such a weird thing sometimes....!

shula said...

Opinionate Woman says:

Truly Excellent Nong.

Perfect. In thought and deed.

shula said...

ps. in my neck of the woods, a nong is a boob. Two nongs make a pair of boobs.

Another reason why this toy is perfect. Not to mention Austrayan

shula said...

Of course a nong can also be a twit.

But EVERYBODY knows that.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

Nong! Good Nong! Love the Nong! (and around here, it means "slightly silly but still loveable person" which fits purrrrrr feckt ly!