Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back......(well, sort of)

Having a week or so away from blogging has been weird. Even though I haven't been doing this for very long, the habit of taking photographs, and planning little posts in my head has definately taken hold......

My computer is still in the shop, they haven't managed to find the problem, and are going to charge me through the nose for the fact that there is nothing wrong with the bloody thing, so I haven't been in to pick it up yet. In the meantime, I have dragged the old laptop out of it's retirement, happily playing music in the bedroom, to a more rigorous life as bloggers' assistant, and it's taken me this long to get all the software and bookmarks and such updated.

Anyhoo..... you would think that a week off with a newly repaired sewing machine would result in lots of things to show and tell, but I stupidly decided to do this instead.....


Namely, pulling everything out of the spare bedroom, and deciding that it will be the spectacular new home to all my sewing gear, now that it is winter, and the tiny little room off the front verandah is just not cutting it as a studio for me.....

Now, lots of furniture moving later, it's looking a little like this:


There's a distinct lack of colour in there, but I'm working on the more decorative features now......
But by far the most exiting thing is this:
This is part of my fabric stash before the renovation.....

fabric - before folding

fabric - before folding

And after following a Brilliant Tutorial, my fabrics look like this:

folded fabric

folded fabric

So so so so so much better........ I always wondered how Other.
People managed to keep thier fabrics is such good order....but now the secret's out! Not only is this an incredibly anal and satisfying thing to do when you're procrastinating, it does have some other bonus points as well..... When your fabric is folded this way, I swear, it takes up about a third of the space it did before. Those shelves were full to the brim, bursting out all over the place with higgeldy piggeldy piles of fabric....... Not Good.

The other thing is how such a process reaquaints you with your stash. There are fabrics in there I had totally forgotten about. And a whole pile of others I decided I didn't like anymore, so I'll probably send them back to the op shop from whence they came.... and while you're mediatively folding your fabric, you also subconsciously decide what you're going to make out of it.

Anyway, so that's what I've been doing. No, I haven't made a single fucking thing yet. But I'm organised at least. That's something, right?

Before I go, I must send out a thankyou to my sister, who sent me this in the mail while I was offline....

fabric from my sister

Another little pile of vintage brilliance, with a tote bag pattern to go with it.

She's the only person in my real world who actually reads my blog, for some reason I'm really shy about it, and I get embarrased when I talk about it. Most people know I'm up to something, but I don't share the details. It's weird, I know, but there you have it. So thanks Leonie, for knowing me well enough to not laugh at my weirdness, and sharing my love of making the best of what you can find.......xxxxx

I'll be back in full force over the next week - once I've put everything back where it's supposed to be......


rhiannon said...

Oh my. I just had a complete drool over your fabric stash. (I was going to say I had a mini orgasm over it, but that sounded too rude.) Its absolutely incredible. Perhaps you're lucky I don't live closer. I might come over and accidentally ruin it all with all this extra saliva! : )
Your new sewing room is awesome. I wish mine was that tidy, everytime I tidy up is just ends up strewn everywhere again in no time. Wait.. my whole house is like that. sigh. I'm such a messy messy person.
Anyway. looking good!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I too have wondered how people keep their fabric so neat. I'm working on setting up a sewing space (oh to have a whole room, you are so lucky!)and I've been afraid to tackle my little stash, but now I think there may be hope! :0)

shula said...

Time well spent, if you ask me (which of course you didn't).

My stash is a DISGRACE.

VictoriaE said...

You have a good sister, it took me a loooonnngg time to get the sister to who is closest to me to read my blog - she regarded it as an invasion of my privacy!
I am impressed by the Nong and "Nong" is a very good name.