Thursday, July 5, 2007

Still Standing...

Still Standing

Though it is a fabulous tree, huge and majestic, I was hoping it would depart with just one branch to do away with my crappy laundry; alas, the storm passed with no real drama in my suburb, though the beachside got quite a battering....

Today: Presents In The Post! Though coming from Ebay, it's not so much a present..... On sound advice from Shula, I am now the owner of a fucking GORGEOUS cashmere jumper....ooooohhhh my lord, this is by far the most warming, luxurious and divine garment I have ever owned. The fit isn't perfect (as usual, a little too big), but I swear, I'm never taking it off. Never.

Cashmere Fabulous

Though cashmere is expensive, I managed to score this one for a great price, and even if I'd paid twice as much for it, as soon as you hold it in your hands, you know it's worth every penny.

In other news, we have some more additions to the Nong family:

Nong # 3

Nong # 3

Nong # 3

I'm having a little bit of trouble with the stuffing....I know not to just stuff wads of it in, and to feed it in in a slow, contast stream, but I still seem to get lumpy bits.....any advice?

Nong #4 is a good example:

Nong # 4

His legs just don't sit how I'd like them to.

Nong # 4

Nong # 4

But y'know...... imperfection = originality in my book.....

I've also completed a request from my sister for an apron for my neice, who has taken to "cleaning" the house....but I'll post photos of that once the package has been recieved.... don't want to spoil the anticipation!



shula said...

Cashmere is like a German Shepherd.

Once you've had one, it's very diffiult to go back.

And I'm thoroughly enjoyed this Nong business.

elise said...

my stuffing advice...

interfacing ironed on the base body fabric before you sew makes a huge difference (makes it more stable, not a lot of bulk) and then just stuff the hell out of it. really. when you think there is enough, add more...

Anonymous said...

totally agree about cashmere. i'm the biggest fan. if you ever do take your new jumper off have a look at pure collection for a replacement. i buy all my cashmere from here and it's fab quality. well worth the extra money cos it lasts years. loving your blog - the nong family should be famous!