Wednesday, July 4, 2007

If On a Rainy Night.....

There's a storm on its way tonight, causing King Tide in the Port of Adelaide and wreaking havoc over the Southern end of the state, a perfect night for staying in with the knitting, hoping that if the massive gum tree in the yard does, in fact, decide to topple over, that it will at least have the sense to fall on the bathroom and laundry, which I would love to have re-done!

In the meantime, some things I've been up to....

I bought this lovely grey pure wool jumper at the op shop the other day, but as with most things involving breasts and shoulders, it was a terrible fit.....Even on my gorgeous model, whose 50's waistline and fabulous pointy boobs still don't do the jumper any favours.....

Jumper Refashion - Before

Clearly some cutting and pasting was in order....

A bit of pattern checking,

Jumper Refashion - In Progress

A whole lot of pinning,

Jumper Refashion - In Progress

And voila! Jumper For Skinny Girl!

Jumper Refashion - After

I'm terrible at taking photos of myself, despite having a tripod and timer setting on the camera....but anyhoo, you get the idea. It's finely knit, warm and fabulous, and that wee little moth nibbled hole on the front is for authenticity, y'know.....

My neckwarmer order has gone from this:

Neckwarmer - WIP

To this:

Neckwarmer - WIP

Amazing how quickly I can knit when I have a deadline.... plus I've been catching up on some dreadful TV watching, so it just seems to make itself.....brilliant!

And tonight? There'll be a bit of this:

Little faces in progress

And episodes of House and Medium to keep me happy.

Before I go, I wanted to send out a thankyou to all the lovely comments I got about the Nongs, and about my blog in general over the last week or so..... When starting out on a new endeavour, it's easy to poo-hoo your own efforts, and lose confidence in your making skills, especially when there are so many more talented people out there making things I couldn't construct in my wildest dreams.
So getting a little comment or two from people who are, essentially, strangers to me, and have no obligation whatsoever to do so, is gratifying and humbling in the extreme.
So thankyou, to everyone who has sent me a note lately, and if I haven't responded to you, please take this as your personal thankyou.

Cheers, m'dears..... xxx


shula said...

You might want to consider patching that moth hole, after all that work, and such a nice jumper, too, before it turns into a black hole.

I LOVE Medium. I thought I was the only one in the world who did. And I LOVE Patricia Arquette, for being practically the only woman in Hollywood who has teeth like a Real Person.

Alex said...

Howdy there, I've just happened upon your blog and thought I'd let you know that for me, the things you make are beyond what I could make myself - I'm just finding my crafting/making feet and peeking in on cool creative folk like yourself is all sorts of inspiration that I can achieve more than I think. Just my two cents dude!

sarah said...

super refashioning of the jumper! fun blog, too - i'm especially enjoying its name! it makes the world seem like a much smaller place.