Thursday, April 5, 2007


When I look at other people's sites, I am always amazed by the incredible spaces they have created for themselves to work in. Thus, my mission is to get organised, to find a place for everything, to have all my materials readily accessible and looking gorgeous. One of the people who totally freaks me out with her crazy neat studio is Heather Bailey. Even though her style is completely different to my own, and I tend to be rather haphazard, and more kitsch that chintzy, her studio is amazingly neat and well put together. In kind of a pink way. In fact, my personal style is probably more along the lines of Tricias, with some brighter colours and vintage bits, but an overall modern feel. All I want is a nice, clean, white space, with storage solutions that show off my materials...... is that too much to ask?

I have a tiny little room off my front verandah that I am in the process of tearing apart. It has suffered the poor fate of being that random space into which you throw anything that doesn't have a place, and in my notoriously storage-lacking house (not even a linen cupboard! NOTHING!) that means, well, pretty much everything. So, in order to embarrass myself into doing something about it, I am posting some photos of it here in its current state. aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh.........

Actually, I have done some work on it since these were taken, and now at least the fabric collection is folded and colour matched, and there isn't crap all over the floor anymore. BUT. There is Still More Work To Be Done.

In the meantime, however, I have been procrastinating by working on Ebay listings..... All of this stuff will be in the shop soon.... There's quite a few frocks, some sunnies, handbags and purses, a vintage bathing suit, a couple of skirts and tops......mmmmmmm.....vintage goodies!

Man, I just realised how awful the photos are in this post.....mess and piles of clothes.....sorry!

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