Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All Sorts of News.....

This week has been a big week for news in the big, life-altering sense...

First of all, my Dad is going into hospital next week to have a kidney removed. They are pretty sure it's nothing serious, but he has a growth on one kidney that shouldn't be there, so they are going to take it out, just to make sure. For a big, strong, farming man who has never had anything really more serious than a head cold, this is a pretty big deal.

The second bit of news is that my sister has fallen pregnant, after a short course of IVF, which is fantastic news! I'm already an aunty twice over thanks to my other sister, but more nieces and nephews are absolutely fine by me!

And THEN, today, my best friend of many years has called to tell me she's getting married! Which is kind of crazy, because we aren't really the kind of people who do the whole weddings thing, I imagine this will be a rather left of centre service, not your traditional wedding at all. Which sounds fantastic, and I'm so happy that she has found someone that she feels she can share such a commitment with.....and it will be my first proper wedding in my circle of friends, which is even more exciting!

As for me, my life is seeming rather quiet compared to everyone else's!

Today started with eggs on toast, and a little bit of arranging in the house, my new Ikea vases found thier new home.

Followed by a spot of op shopping, which resulted in me being the proud owner of this fabulous/ridiculous chicken shaped basket!

Another trip to Ikea for some storage boxes also ended up with me indulging my new, weird passion for yellow, by buying this quilt cover for the bed. Our bed is usually quite sedate, we've had a chocolate brown quilt for AGES, and even though this is way brighter than anything I would usually own, and will probably give us nightmares, I couldn't resist!

I'm happy to see that I am not alone in this new found love of yellow - Manda from TreeFall has been having exactly the same experience with yellow as me. And, like me, she hated it before. WHY? What were we thinking? Will I hate it again next week? Who knows?!

There are also some more Vintage Goodies in my Ebay store, if you are so inclined....

A navy and white spotted shift dress,

Some, well......... Yellow, high waisted, skiiny leg, 80's pants!

An 80's geometric shift dress in black, blue and white....

And a pair of fantastic vintage tennis bloomers with little racquet applique!

And now that I'm on the computer, I may just do a few more listings... so look out for those!

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