Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More presents in the Post!

Today I received my Vintage Button Swap package!
The lovely Jen, from New Jersey, sent me this gorgeous package FULL of goodies!

Vintage Button Swap - My Package!

There was so much beautiful stuff in my package, all picked out with so much care and thought, that I got a bit teary!

The buttons are all gorgeous, in red, black and white, which are my favourite colours....

Vintage Button Swap

Along with two divine vintage embroidered linen teatowels, one with a bottle and two glasses because I'm a bartender, and the other with a teapot and cup, because I love tea, and collect teacups....

A pile of beautiful scraps of fabric, because I am attempting my first patchwork quilt...

Vintage Button Swap - fabrics

PLUS: a whole lot of paper ephemera, for collages, and a brilliant kitschy craft book on how to make clothes, because I am starting my own clothing business!

Vintage Button Swap - paper and books

What a fantastic way to start the day......Plus I got the great news that my Dad has had his kidney operation, and everything went really well, the surgery was sucessful, and he is apparently sitting up and chatting, though still uncomfortable...

It's been a difficult week for me being apart from my family (they live in a different state), but I have organised to fly home next week once Dad comes home to recover, so I'll feel better once I'm at home, helping and giving support, instead of pottering around waiting for phone calls and progress reports!

So all in all, a good day with good news + presents! What more could a girl want?

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