Friday, March 30, 2007

Thrifty Goodness.....


After buying my new digital camera yesterday (a Nikon D40 if you're curious) and selling my soul to the local department store for the remainder of my interest-free period, I thought today might be a good day to splash around some of that birthday cash that I didn't put down on the camera!

And today was my lucky day....I found more stuff today than I have in weeks of Op Shopping, and I thought I'd share the results:

A gorgeous little brown tweed hard style suitcase...(perfect for keeping sewing supplies in)...$5!

A huge lot of colour themed patchwork swatch packages...$4 each (I bought four!)

A bag of mixed vintage green buttons...$2.

A lovely cake plate on a bakelite stand...$2...( I have been hanging out for one of these for excuse to have a tea party!)

And last but not least, this book by DAVID HICKS on ways with fabric! If you're not sure why this one is in the bunch, check out the Wikipedia entry on the whole in Australia, this issue is saturating the media lately, and finding something lighthearted like a frivolous fabric book by someone named David Hicks just tickles my sense of the absurd.....

In other bloggy news, I have also signed up for Wardrobe Remix, a Flickr group where funky people post photos of thier fabulous outfits to share with other street-wise fashionistas!

I also managed to drop out of Uni today, eat my favourite noodle soup for lunch, catch up with a friend for a quick chat and some Chinese tea, and organise a bit of my fabric stash.... What a productive day!

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