Friday, March 23, 2007


Today is my birthday..... and in lieu of the new digital camera I am planning to buy as a birthday present, I am using photobooth on my mac instead to show you my new scarf....
For some reason I have this new obsession with yellow. I have never worn yellow, I have had pretty much a hate/hate relationship with it all my life, yet for some reason I am suddenly OBSESSED with it.
I'm not usually the kind of person to be swayed by the vagaries of fashion - if something I already love suddenly comes into style, I'll usually stock up, wait for the fad to pass, and THEN start wearing it. But this yellow thing seems to be different.
So far, I have made/thrifted/bought:

a bright, 80's ish yellow and white striped t-shirt,
a yellow singlet,
a yellow scarf,
a pair of fab vintage bright yellow platform heels.

So far I am tending towards the mustard-y tones rather than canary, but hey, who knows what's next?

I am also laying the blame for this new colour obsession on Tricia Royal, whose gorgeous blog, Bits and Bobbins is a riot of colour, and a beutifully presented blog about her obsession with colour. Wonderful.

Anyway, that's enough from me, I'm off to do something luscious to celebrate my birth.....Cheers!

oh, and just to prove my point, here's some Nina Ricci from the Fall 07 collection!

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