Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Day. Another Scarf.

There seems to be a pattern emerging......
Even though it is still warm here, I am really coveting winter clothes right now. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year - cool enough to start layering clothes again (one of my favourite passtimes), but not so cold that I want to die...(having hardly any body fat DOES have its disadvantages, you know!)


Two new Op Shop finds.... a lovely v neck grey wool vest, all I had to do was take the side seams in...

plus a Hand-Knitted-By-My-Local-Volunteering-Grandmas red wool scarf with a cute little lace rib stitch in it. Lovely.

As you can probably tell from the terrible photo, I still haven't managed to buy a new digital camera yet. I'm pretty sure I've picked The One though, so I'm off tomorrow to lash myself to two years of monthly repayments, but hey, my photos should be GORGEOUS!

Just on the winter knit note: I'll leave you with this lush knit by Eley Kishimoto....mmmmmmm

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