Friday, May 18, 2007


Right now, I'm stuck at home with a car that won't start, a backseat full of washing I was going to take to the laundromat ( the bloody washing machine has broken) and a belly that is still complaining that it hasn't got it's favourite noodles for breakfast.

But in the spirit of making the best of the time until the roadside assistance people come, I have some pictures to show you......

These pictures are dedicated to the lovely Shula, whose gorgeous blog and knitting pursuits make me wish I were a more accomplished knitter, plus she got quite excited to hear that I live in a cemetery...... so here you go:

Work In Progress this week is a one skein cowl project that has somehow mutated into a two skein bizarre scarf thingy project.... perhaps a result of my refusal to follow any kind of pattern..... I tend to see something, say "I can make that" and just knit away, totally oblivious to the fact that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing! Patience? A Virtue?? What on earth are you talking about?????

Work In Progress

I was planning to keep knitting at the laundromat, see, but instead I went out and took some promised photos of the cemetery.....


(see how those two photos are REALLY SMALL? That's becase if I put the medium sized ones in, blogger chops out the most important parts on the right hand side to fit them in my blog......GRRRRRR!!! If you want to see them at proper size, just click on them and you'll see a bigger one..... sorry!)

It's really old, the cemetery, dating back to the late 1800's, and sadly, it hasn't been cared for as it should have been, it's a bit drab, with hardly any plants or lawns, and the part next to the house is very bare and barren looking.....that's the house at the very end there in the picture below......


We only have one angel, she's for a woman named Florence.....


But it's the details that I like best......


And there is always some fake the moment there are quite a lot of flowers because of Mothers' Day....

permanent flowers....

It sounds a little depressing, I'm sure, but I actually love living here..... and it does have it's comical side, like when I need to light a fire and I venture out into the cemetery to collect some kindling, possibly in my bright red slippers and some random assortment of scarves and jumpers, and then people ride past on thier bikes and look at me like I'm the crazy cat lady or something...... I love the thought that the local kids might think I'm a witch, or that it's spooky, when, in fact, it's the most peaceful place I've ever lived, with the exception of the farm I grew up on.

Well, that's me for today, I'm off to make tea and look out for the magic car


shula said...

I'm STILL very excited that you live here.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

If, for any reason, I get evicted, expect visitors.

j-girl said...


i am an adelaide girl, who is currently living in seattle. i found your blog today and love it!

i used to be a total bar fly (i keep thinking that my old haunts will close down without my patronage!) i keep wondering if i have drunk at your bar? :)

i have tons of photos i took in that very same cemetery from when i was studying photography. sadly, they are all on film and so i have to scan them to share.

you brought back many wonderful memories.

keep on keeping on!